Stability analysis of mechanical systems with contact and friction – running

We propose to examine the dynamics and the stability of mechanical systems with unilateral contacts and friction. Simple models of contact interaction give rise to piecewise smooth, hybrid dynamical systems. Our goal is to better understand the behavior of these systems, and to apply this knowledge to biological and engineering problems. The majority of the research concerns systems composed of rigid elements with point contacts. Despite the simplicity of this approach, such systems exhibit complex dynamics, which motivates us to investigate fundamental questions, such as the local Lyapunov stability characterization of an equilibrium state. We also investigate the response of such systems to large perturbations, and related theoretical results are used to improve the earthquake resistance of rocking structures. A smaller portion of the project extends to systems capable of elastic deformations. Here, our works focuses on understanding and avoiding special forms of destabilization due to the interaction of friction and elasticity.

Project owner:
Baranyai Tamás (Szilárdságtani és Tartószerkezeti Tanszék)
Szilárdságtani és Tartószerkezeti Tanszék (ÉPK-SZT)

Az NKFI 124002 sorszámú OTKA pályázathoz kötődő projekt.