Simulation of magnetic nanostructures – running

The main objective of our project is a theoretical and computational investigation of magnetic phenomena as well as systems serving as basis of high density magnetic recording technology. The underlying tool of our investigations is a multiscale approach: first we determine the parameters of a suitable spin-model from first principles calculations, then we study the magnetization processes of of the system via spin-dynamics simulations. Our aim is to achieve a deep-rooted theoretical understanding of the exchange bias phenomenon in layered heterostructures, whereas we study the controllability of the superparamagnetic limit for magnetic nanoparticles.
We carry out our project within a broad international cooperation, including also experimental and industrial partners. We intend to add not only to technological innovations of the near future, but by developing new theoretical methods we aim to study the finite temperature magnetism of solids in general. A distinguished purpose of the project is to include young fellows in order to strengthen the research background of modern computational solid state physics and materials science in Hungary.

Project owner:
Dr. Szunyogh László (Fizika Intézet)
Web address:
Fizika Intézet (TTK-PHY)

MTA Wigner Fizikai Kutatóközpont

OTKA-77771 (2009-2013)
OTKA-83114 (2011-2013)
OTKA-68312 (2011-2014)

FP7 Femtospin (2012-2015)