Spatial layout optimization of a dual robot arm system for shoulder-elbow-wrist motion therapy – running

Writing an algorithm to optimize the spatial placement of two robotic arms. Conditions are the robotic arms can perform the required exercises without reaching kinematic variable range limit, without changing configuration or running into a singularity.

We are looking for several solutions in the calculation. During the calculation, we look for placements for the movement of the human arm that are able to perform the prescribed exercises in relation to the human and each other.

Optimization inputs are tabulated text files that contain the poistions of the elbow and hand of the human arm. The outputs are tabulated text files, which is a list of robotic placements that match the task for both robots.

Project owner:
Herke György (Gyártástudomány és -technológia Tanszék)
Web address:
Gyártástudomány és -technológia Tanszék (GPK-MANUF)