Simbuca – finished

"Simbuca is the first application that applies a graphics card to calculate the Coulomb interaction between charged particles. Due
to this novel approach the required simulation time is much shorter (hours) as compared with the PIC codes presently used by other experiments. This simulation code helped the WITCH experiment to better understand the behavior of plasmas of radioactive ions. As well as other experiments ranging from highly charged ions to anti-matter experiments.
For this particular simulation Simbuca will be applied to simulate up to 10^4 antiprotons and positrons mixed in a non-uniform magnetic field (the cusp magnetic field of the ASACUSA setup, at CERN ). The behavior of antiprotons and positrons in the cusp magnetic field is still not completely understood and simulations with Simbuca allow to get an understanding of the involved processes. "

Project owner:
Dr. Szeberényi Imre (Irányítástechnika és Informatika Tanszék)
Web address:
Közigazgatási Informatikai Központ (VIK-IK)

Simon Van Gorp, RIKEN (Japan), CERN