Wind Turbine Optimization – running

The thesis project includes a study to improve and develop the energy derived from a wind turbine which will be on several research aspects, including 3D modeling design/topology optimization that focuses on the shape optimization of building up an enhanced version. Furthermore, this project is to study the development and modification of the engineering design and its impact on the energy derived from wind turbines and to support this study by engineering simulations of fluid flow using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Moreover, another target is to study and investigate the possibility of improving wind energy utilization in zones that do not contain high wind energy. The objectives are concentrated on the probability of reducing the source of losses which leads to a reduction in energy output that results, in turn, in a decrease in wind power output efficiency. The last step is to build a prototype to validate the numerical simulation experimentally in the laboratory using the wind tunnel.

Project owner:
Alemarah Hakam Abed Mohammed (Gyártástudomány és -technológia Tanszék)
Áramlástan Tanszék (GPK-ARA)