iCore numerical rock and pore model development - fluid dynamics module – running

The aim of the iCore project is the development of a virtual rock-laboratory. The purpose of the virtual-laboratory is the analysis of the fluid dynamical properties of rocks. Based on the geometry of the virtual rock samples, the permeability such as the pore size and capillary pressure distribution can be obtained using pore scale fluid flow simulations. The calculation of the flow field based on the application of lattice-Boltzmann method. The mapping of the pore spaces and the calculation of capillary pressure are carried out using in-house solvers. The larger, up-scaled computational domains are investigated applying general purpose CFD solvers. The project is confidental!

Project owner:
Balogh Miklós (Áramlástan Tanszék)
Áramlástan Tanszék (GPK-ARA)