Iodine chemistry – running

The Briggs-Rauscher (BR) reaction is one of the most studied oscillatory reaction. In spite of an intense research during the last 40 years since the discovery of the BR reaction its mechanism has not been completely clarified. A serious obstacle preventing a more detailed understanding of the mechanism is the fact that selective measurements of certain intermediates or to study certain reactions separately is not possible with the present techniques. In this situation quantum chemical methods can help by approving or disapproving the existence of certain intermediates and mechanisms which are presently based entirely on chemical intuition.

Thus the main aim of our research is to apply quantum chemical calculations to find at least partial answers to the following two questions
i) what type of exotic oxyiodine compounds might appear in a BR oscillator and
ii) what type of reactions are possible with these intermediates .

Project owner:
Holló Gábor (Fizika Intézet)
Fizika Intézet (TTK-PHY)