Multibody modelling flexible wings – running

On the video footage showing flights of High Altitude Long Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (HALE UAV), it can be observed, that the wings do not really behave as rigid or classic elastic bodies. If some disturbance deforms the
wing, the structure shows large deformation, and it takes a long time before the elastic forces put the wing back into the original shape. The extrapolation of this behavior gave the idea to develop a multibody model that can simulate the motion and deformation of the near-flexible or even fully flexible flying wings. The model used in the simulation treats wings with high aspect ratio as a chain of flying bodies. The lift distribution over the wing is calculated using a built-in Vortex-Lattice method in every step of the simulation.

Project owner:
Nagy András (Repülőgépek és Hajók Tanszék)
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Repülőgépek és Hajók Tanszék (KSK-RHT)