MeetYouThere – running

Community networks have gained a huge popularity in recent years, which is
mostly achieved via their websites visited by internet browsers of desktop computers.
Each remarkable social network provider is constantly searching for new
features to be developed, and adds new services in order to be more attractive
for existing users as well as to pull masses from the competitors. Although
their desktop-aiming websites are full of various features, possibilities of the relatively new eld of devices, smartphones and tablets are recognized by only a few of them. The two unique attributes of these groups of appliances, which may be exploited much deeper than they are today, is the built-in real time
position tracker GPS module, and the fact that smartphones and tablets are
always with the users. Currently the wide usage of these traits is simple functions such as checking in to certain locations, or showing locations of my friends. However, the information of users' geographical locations enables more complex and useful services to be initiated. This project aims to learn movement patterns of people using their GPS tracklogs, as well as utilize this information by suggesting meeting point locations and times for multiple users.

Project owner:
Fehér Marcell (Automatizálási és Alkalmazott Informatikai Tanszék)
Automatizálási és Alkalmazott Informatikai Tanszék (VIK-AAIT)