Molecular tailoring: Chemical reaction design by bulky groups – running

Molecules with sensitive electronic structure and high reactivity have been and will be in the centre of interest. A general property of these frequently unstable compounds is the kinetic instability which necessitates the stabilization with steric groups. Though, bulky substituents play an important role in the stability and reactivity of such compounds, it is used to regard as an ‘inert’ part of the molecules which has generally no influence on the structure of the forming product but the decreasing of the reaction rate. The aim of our work is to show that although bulky substituents can remain inert in the reactions, however, their effect is more complex than it has thought and the optimization of bulky substituents offer several still unknown synthesises and reactions.
In our work we are going to concentrate on the chemistry of phosphorus and divalent or multiple bonded group 14 elements.

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Szilvási Tibor (Szervetlen és Analitikai Kémia Tanszék)
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Szervetlen és Analitikai Kémia Tanszék (VBK-IAACHEM)

Prof. West (Uni. Wisconsin)
Prof. Driess (TU Berlin)