NiHu: Large-scale numerical acoustics – running

In a recent development "NiHu", an open source numerical acoustic software tool was introduced (see web address) by the project proposers. The toolbox is a general C++ / Matlab modeling environment for the efficient solution of boundary value problems by means of the boundary element method. The tool can be applied in various fields of engineering: acoustics, elastodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, electromagnetics. In the proposed project we aim at the examination of large-scale aeroacoustic problems related to the prediction of sound generated by fluid-structure interactions. Specifically, these interactions appear in the sound generation mechanism of wind instruments, such as organ pipes. The computations involve parallelized solution strategies and high computational cost. The objectives of the research program is the establishment, implementation, and verification of novel parallel large-scale techniques and extending the fields of application of the toolbox. The expected impact of the research project is publishing the results in international journals.
(The paper introducing NiHu can be found at: )

Project owner:
Dr. Rucz Péter (Híradástechnikai Tanszék)
Web address:
Híradástechnikai Tanszék (VIK-HIT)