Performance Evaluation of ICT Systems – running

The performance modeling and evaluation activities play an important role in the design and operation of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) systems. Therefore, the search of new mathematical analysis methods for the performance evaluation of ICT systems has been an intensive research area.
Retrial queueing models are being used to evaluate the performance of some ICT systems such as cellular mobile networks, cloud computing, etc. However, the fact that the retrial rate depends on the number of retried demands waiting in the system leads to analytically intractable models due to the state-explosion .
In this project, we would like to investigate how the BME HPC cluster can be used to handle the state-explosion problem.

Project owner:
Dr. Do Van Tien (Híradástechnikai Tanszék)
Híradástechnikai Tanszék (VIK-HIT)

Debrecen Egyetem