Two-dimensional interacting electron systems – running

We perform mainly variational quantum Monte Carlo calculations to explore the correlated phases of two-dimensional interacting electron/atomic systems. These include (i) the open problems of the fractional quantum Hall effect (FQHE in higher Landau levels, in graphene, in double and multilayers etc.), (ii) the low-energy physics of graphene multilayers in the absence of a magnetic field, (iii) the phases of fractional Chern insulators, (iv) the phases of flat-band lattice systems of ultracold atomic gases.

Project owner:
Dr. Tőke Csaba (Fizika Intézet)
Web address:
Fizika Intézet (TTK-PHY)

J.K.Jain (Pennsylvania State University)
A.Wójs (Wroclaw University)
V.I.Fa'lko (Lancaster University)